High performance

Our machines can erect bigger cases and smaller cases but not decrease the speed of  the case erecting.

Humanized design

Easy to adjust the machine and no case damaging problem.

Got many patents around the world

Contributing to innovation and change to make outstanding machines.

International companies designate our machines

Honor to be an A+ company for a great many worldwide international companies.

Tablock Case Erector Vectra - CE30HR

Forming and sealing speed 30 cases/min
K.D. magazine storage height 800mm
Sealing way Hot melt glue
Height of output cases 950mm
Power requirement 4.6KW (AC220/380V, 3PH)
Air pressure 7 kg/cm2
Air consumption ≒600 L/min
Required air compressor 10HP
Machine weight 1330 kgs
External sizes 4900L x 1900W x 1884H (mm)

Case Range
L 300 mm 420 mm
W 200 mm 300 mm
H 250 mm 325 mm
A 100 mm 150 mm
B 350 mm 475 mm
C Up to 140 mm